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3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Look Out For – What to Know

Identifying problem areas in your social media marketing campaign can be a tricky situation. This is true whether you’re the owner of a small startup and handling social media yourself, or part of a bigger company that relies on specialized teams for this aspect of the business. In either case, knowing how to spot these inefficiencies is vital because ignoring them can mean that not only are your social media strategies not effective, they might be harming your brand as well.

In this article, we’ll discuss three common social media mistakes that many companies might not even be aware they’re doing. Learn more in the sections below.

Forgetting why your customer should care about your brand

It may not always be obvious, but many companies post on social media without effectively communicating the reasons their business should matter to customers. This problem often involves a disconnect between the audience and the brand. Perhaps the message was not clear or it failed to deliver enough information. Regardless of the cause, it can mean that while you may be reaching your customers, you might be failing to convince them of why your product is any good.

Take a look at your business’s social media posts and determine if they effectively compel customers to buy what you’re selling. Find out if its unique benefits are highlighted and explain how they can improve your customers’ lives. Also, check for any technical terms that might be confusing then rephrase or clearly define them. 

Not balancing promotional material with value creation

The difference between promoting and creating actual value is that promoting simply informs customers of a product while creating value means garnering attention and building demand for it. The two are heavily intertwined but are subtly different from one another. This is why you should pay close attention to how you use them together, as relying too much on one or the other can mean that your followers will lose interest in your brand.

In social media, a general rule you can abide is to devote 80 percent of your posts to value creation and the remaining 20 percent for purely promotional purposes. Try to stick as close to this ratio as you can so that your customers can build a stronger connection to your brand while also becoming informed of what it offers.

Ignoring the results of existing marketing strategies

The benefits of being consistent and sticking to a plan are undeniable, but sometimes, not having the flexibility to adapt can mean that your entire strategy falls apart in the long run. By this, we mean refusing to change your marketing approach even when the metrics signify that they’re not working. Avoid getting stuck by removing your preconceived notions of what the perfect content strategy is, and focus your attention on giving your customers what they actually want and need.

Final words

Now that we’ve gone over a few social media no-no’s that your business might be guilty of, make a review of your own social media marketing campaign and check for the signs. Remember, these occurrences may be hard to identify, but it’s important that you do to avoid losing customers.

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