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5 Graphic Design Tips for Social Media – Our Guide

In terms of digital marketing, social media and graphic design complement each other perfectly. The former provides business owners a way to instantly connect with a global audience, and the latter—as long as it’s executed well—allows them to do so in a more impactful manner.

With that in mind, you might wonder how exactly graphic design can be optimally executed in your chosen platform. Below are a few tips to help you make the best use of graphic design for social media:

Start with a draft

Some might say that the first step in any process is usually the most difficult. The same is true in graphic design. It’s important that you take your time to plan ahead so that the graphic you end up with is in line with what you intend to achieve.

Begin with a draft of your design that’s based on the goals you’ve set for yourself. You will need this to plot out all the important elements in the graphic and achieve balance in your design. You’ll want to grab your audience’s attention while at the same time, providing value.

You can start with a handmade sketch of how you envision the end result to look like. Ideally, you should create several drafts of varied designs to help you identify the best one for you, and remember to edit as you go so that you can make the final product to the best of your abilities.

Take advantage of color

Colors are an effective way to organize your design and add visual interest to it. Think about the principles of color theory—the relationship between different color choices and how they might affect the viewer.

For instance, contrasting colors make elements easily distinguishable from one another, but too much or too little contrast can be unappealing to the eyes. You should also keep in mind that colors can evoke emotions from the viewer, so make sure your choices here coincide with the brand image you’re trying to portray.

Make smart typography choices

If your design includes text elements, you need to be considerate of your font choices. This goes much deeper than just choosing the right font face, and you will also need to think about spacing and text hierarchy—all of which contribute to the readability of your design.

Similar to your color palette, smart typography choices can also be used to pique the viewer’s interest. They can also impart a certain feeling to your design, so again, keep them aligned with your brand.

Be consistent and concise

Your design needs to be cohesive, and you do that by keeping the elements that are present consistent with one another and omitting the parts that detract from the overall message. Simplicity in design is what you should strive for, and it’s a good way to ensure that your graphics are suited to the fast-paced and saturated nature of social media.

Format for different platforms

Finally, remember that different social media platforms utilize varying image formats (ie. dimensions) when delivering content. You have to take these into account as you don’t want to end up with a design that’s perfect for just one platform alone. You might have to create different designs for each social media account you run, but many times a simple reconfiguration of the important elements and a bit of cropping will do fine.


Keep these tips in mind when designing graphics for your social media marketing strategy. This way, your business can stand out from others and you can get your message across to your customers.

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