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5 Lead Generation Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020 – What to Know

Lead generation is the first step in the sales funnel, which makes it vital to the success of businesses. There are several lead generation options, which can be overwhelming, and to add to that, tapping into markets has become harder. To cope with this, adopting the latest lead generation trends will allow you to keep up and leverage your business out there. 

Here are some of the latest lead generation trends in 2020: 

Influencer Marketing

A lot of business owners today have experienced the benefits of turning to influencers to help with lead generation. That said, it’s been a part of marketing trends for a while, and it’s going to continue this year. Influencers don’t necessarily have to be a person; it could also come in the forms of entities or brands that have established a substantial presence in social media. 

What makes influencer marketing appealing to brands today is that it saves more money in infiltrating a niche. Additionally, a lot of influencers use data and analytics that brands can also apply to have a deeper understanding of what customers want.

Video Marketing

Experts predict that video content will account for 82 percent of web traffic by 2022, which makes video marketing a growing trend. Through video marketing, brands have an excellent opportunity to boost their engagement and drive sales. 

Use the video marketing trend to your advantage by posting videos on YouTube and across other social media platforms. Your emails may also include videos that can also nurture leads and convert them. 

Voice Search Marketing

Voice search can bring a significant impact on lead generation, which will make brands pay more attention to how they can optimize their strategies for voice search. One way is to consider Natural Language Processing (NLP) and rankings for voice search campaigns. This is a growing trend that is rapidly evolving, and in 2020, brands will definitely see more of it. 

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing via chatbots is on the rise. Chatbots use Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is a rising technology in digital marketing. The use of conversational marketing to generate leads can significantly impact the success of a brand as there is now a higher demand for quick solutions. People want to get answers to their questions right away, and one of the most effective ways to do that is by implementing a chatbot. 

Facebook Ad Marketing

People’s social media habits continue to grow, and if you want to keep up with lead generation trends, you need to use social media to your advantage—particularly Facebook. Investing in Facebook ads is a great way to generate more leads for your brands. Customers can quickly tap into your brand’s ads to get what they need, and all they have to do is fill up a simple form. With that, you get a lead. 

Keeping up with digital marketing trends may be challenging, but it is worth it in the long run. This 2020, improve your lead generation strategies and watch your brand flourish more than ever. 

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