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5 Tips to Maximize Your Company’s LinkedIn Presence

In recent years, LinkedIn has become the social network of choice for people who want to connect with other professionals. There are more than 30 million companies on LinkedIn, making it one of the most influential B2B channels in the world today. However, being on the website is not enough to grow your business. Here are things you could do to boost awareness about your brand and launch a LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Identify Customers and Connections to Target

Small businesses on LinkedIn can target specific industries, company sizes, and roles that they know would be interested in their offerings. For example, businesses selling retail management software can set advertising campaigns for businesses with physical stores or products. They can also create campaigns specifically for new or small businesses.

Be Visible to Your Prospective Customers

You must also have a dedicated lead generation strategy on LinkedIn. Before launching into it, ensure that you have criteria for what makes a high-quality customer or client. You can have lead generation specialists reach out to prospects on the social network, introduce your company, and connect you to qualified leads.

Also, make sure you post daily status updates, publish weekly blog posts, and send monthly emails to those in your network. Share information that provides value while presenting your business as a viable solution to the customer’s problems.

Build an Email Marketing List

It’s not enough to connect with people on LinkedIn. When you add someone as a connection, write a message inviting them to be part of your mailing list. LinkedIn allows you to send the same message to 50 people at a time, so it’s possible to invite connections en masse. 

Apologize that the message might seem impersonal, but reassure them that you’re messaging because you think they could benefit from being on your mailing list. Include your email signup link, and tell people how they would benefit from signing up. Also, offer something in return, such as a free consultation, so that they might feel more compelled to sign up.

Be Strategic about Using Sponsored Updates

Using sponsored updates allows you to push your posts to people beyond your network but within your business’ target demographics. LinkedIn’s sponsored post system differs from other social networks in specificity; you can target people based on job title, skills, job function, schools, and even group affiliations. 

People aren’t too keen on pure advertising anymore and are more likely to listen to or read free information from content creators. Promoting a whitepaper or guide through a LinkedIn Sponsored Update allows a company to target a niche audience and generate leads.

Allow Customers to Get to Know Your Clients

Encourage employees to complete LinkedIn profiles; tell them to include in their profile a description of how they contribute to your business. You might also want to have the same type of profile pictures for all employees—showcase your brand by asking them to wear your colors and pose in front of a particular background or get professional photographs of them.


LinkedIn marketing allows B2B businesses to reach key decision-makers in companies. If your company implements a solid digital strategy, you are bound to gain leads and find clients. Take inspiration from the five tactics we shared today, or find other ways to engage prospects and stand out from the competition.

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