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Email Marketing: Still a Powerful Tool for Converting Customers

When the very first email was sent in 1971, it’s unlikely that Ray Tomlinson, the man who sent it, imagined that email would, later on, become one of the most powerful digital marketing tools that every business will rely on.

Can you imagine the time when emails weren’t in existence? And now even when the younger generation thinks it’s outdated, email marketing is still a staple for marketers. In this post, Akby, your trusted digital marketer in Kansas tells you why emails are still very much considered a powerful tool:

What Makes Email Marketing Special?

It may seem like a relic today, compared to social media and other newer innovations, but email still possesses some characteristics that make it indispensable.

Emails Are Cost-Effective

Email marketing is not only powerful but it’s also easily accessible even to those with a limited budget. Compared to print marketing and even digital pay-per-click ads that can cost you up to thousands of dollars, email marketing is significantly cheaper. All you need to pay is the platform that you’re using. Of course, you need to have a team of writers handling your copy. But that’s it – no additional cost!

You Own Your Data

An email list is one of the most important tools because it allows you to have access to all your existing customers and your prospects. Social media platforms, on the other hand, can suddenly decide to require you to pay for the information that you need. With email you have access to the information that you have obtained even after a customer unsubscribes from your newsletter, you still have their contact info and you can still use it in the future.

They Can Boost Brand Awareness

To this day, sending emails to prospects are still among the most effective ways to improve your online visibility and create a buzz around your brand. Why is that? Well, most people still check their emails several times a day, so you can be sure that they’re still seeing the name of your company. Whether or not you get them to purchase something from you through the emails you send, they still do a great job of keeping your brand in your customers’ minds.

They Can Be Automated

Email marketing is one of the few things you can automate and get the results you want – truly a perfect example of working smarter. There are options that allow you to automatically send emails after specific triggers so you don’t miss an opportunity to convert customers.

Emails Can Be Personalized

Aside from automation, personalization is also one of the things that you can do with email marketing. Customers prefer to read brand emails that are personalized, whether that’s as simple as using the customer’s first name or segmenting the emails based on the customers’ past buying and browsing activities.


These are just five of the many reasons that most marketers still swear by email marketing, no matter how big or small the brand they’re doing a campaign for. As long as you are able to build a decent list of contacts and you make the most of that list. If you have the right email marketing strategies, you’ll get the results that you want to boost your business. Partnering with a reliable digital marketing expert can help you with that.

Akby is one of the most reliable teams of professionals that offer digital marketing services in Kansas. Contact our team today and learn more about our email marketing strategies and how we can help you!

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