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5 Tips for Generating Leads For Your Business Through Email Marketing

Although many people assume that email marketing is obsolete and no longer works, the reality couldn’t be any more different. Email marketing has successfully generated responses from customers at such a large scale, which is why many companies have continued to use emails as their primary method of communicating with their customers and target audiences. Whether disseminating important news or announcing special deals, email marketing continues to thrive, even in an era of instant messaging and social media.

Over 70 percent of millennials prefer email as the primary communication channel for business purposes, which means that email is still thriving among all age groups. Whether you’re a small business or a veteran that wants to improve its lead generation and customer engagement, email marketing is worth the investment.

Here are five tips to help your company generate high-quality leads through email marketing:

  • Keep It Short and Sweet

The fight to capture your target audience’s attention span is growing only more difficult as the world becomes increasingly digital. With so many things offering instant gratification, your potential customers are continually flitting back and forth between content, making it challenging to hold their attention long enough to read your marketing messages.

Brevity is always best, so make sure that all the emails you send are short and sweet. Most readers today don’t have enough time to read novel-like emails; once they see the massive block of text, they’ll be more likely to put them in the trash. Use visuals and images to get your message across and grab their attention while communicating what you want to say. The easier it is to read, the better.

  • Use Catchy Subject Lines

A challenge that many email marketers face is to get their customers to open the email in the first place. Subject lines prove to be a significant factor for users in deciding whether to open an email, and a catchy subject will almost always influence them to read your message. Something like “30% OFF — Until Midnight Only!” will make them more inclined to open your email than “Check out our special offers today — something might catch your eye!”

Like in the previous point, keep your subject lines concise yet punchy. It must create a sense of urgency in your readers, giving them a reason to open the email and act on it, such as purchasing from you. Try sticking to a character count of 30-50, which is the sweet spot.

  • Clean Your Email List Regularly

Sending your well-written emails to dead or defunct addresses is a waste of time and resources. Not only will your message fail to reach the intended recipient, but those emails could have been sent to people more primed to convert! To avoid this scenario, be sure to revisit your email list and clean it up regularly. That way, you’ll make sure that every email you send reaches an interested customer, which will generate leads that eventually convert.

  • Include a Link to Your Landing Pages

Most of the time, your email marketing campaigns are meant to drive more traffic to your website, so don’t forget to include a link to your landing page in every message. Ensure that the email matches the landing page’s visuals, content, and headlines, which will let your readers know they’ve reached the right place. The landing page must have all the relevant information your visitors will need to make a purchase, and if you’re successful, then you’ll end up with tons of high-quality leads that are likely to convert.

  • Optimize Emails for Mobile

Lastly, ensure that all your emails are easy to view on mobile. According to Campaign Monitor, roughly 53 percent of all emails are opened on smartphones, which takes up a valuable chunk of your target audience. Mobile devices are only becoming even more popular, so it’s essential to make sure that your emails are readable on smartphones and tablets. You’ll have to keep the screen size and other similar user aspects in mind when formatting your email to ensure that customers can see the entire message on their screens.


Lead generation may seem more formidable than it used to, but email marketing can help you with that. By following these five best practices, you’ll enjoy a healthy amount of high-quality leads that will turn into paying customers, helping your business grow and achieve its goals.

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