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Lead Generation Tactics to Avoid at All Costs – Our Guide

Converting your website traffic into sales-qualified leads is not as easy as you think. In 2020, businesses are having to cut through tough competitors who are always one step ahead of the game. If you think you’ve crafted the ideal marketing strategy but aren’t seeing the results you want, you may be committing these fatal lead generation mistakes. 

1. Forgetting to use a CTA

Every marketer knows to include a CTA (call-to-action) in their blog to reduce bounce rates and let readers know exactly what action you want them to take. Part of creating a bustling online business is when the next logical step for a consumer is made obvious. 

2. Neglecting your social media channels

Long gone are the days of email catalogs or having to call in to ask about your favorite stores’ new releases. Chances are, your consumers are turning to platforms like Facebook and Instagram to search for updates on your brand. To maximize reach, consider the following channels:

  • Linkedin: a thriving platform for professional groups and individuals and a steady channel to fish for leads. 
  • Instagram: perfect for uploading photos and video content and collaborating with big brands. 
  • Facebook: the most widely-used social media channel in the world, Facebook is excellent for micro-targeting.

3. Posting content inconsistently

When you’re constantly churning out content on your website and social media channels, Google knows you’re staying active and helps you rank better on search engines. If you’re finding it difficult to publish enticing content on a regular basis, come up with an editorial calendar and schedule your posts. That way, you’re never subjecting your audience to a dry week. 

4. Not understanding your target audience

Remember, you can’t just sell to anyone, especially if they don’t exist within your niche. Part of coming up with an effective digital marketing strategy is knowing who your ideal buyer is. Knowing what social media platforms they’re most active on, what their mindset is, what drives them to make a purchase, and what type of content they most enjoy engaging with can help you better target your efforts towards the right audience.

Similarly, if you’re struggling to connect with the right audience in the first place, you can try analyzing your competitors and who they’re selling to. Part of getting to know your audience is understanding their language. Consider the words and phrases they use repeatedly and leverage them as keywords. Study the comments and feedback consumers are leaving on your blog or social media channels and be open to making changes according to how your audience feels. 

5. You’re spending your budget purchasing leads

Sure, purchasing leads may help you connect with them as quickly as possible but won’t usually guarantee closure. If you aren’t sure about the quality of these leads either, you might not even be reaching out to people who fall into the subset of your target audience. 

6. Foregoing surveys entirely

Not everyone will want to answer a survey, but you can’t underestimate how effective they can be in helping you segment your audience. Through them, you can give value to your primary value propositions and skew your content creation efforts towards a more specific group of people. 


Lead generation is never an easy feat but knowing where and how to begin can set you on the path to success. With every best practice comes a handful of common oversights you don’t want to make when you’re coming up with a marketing plan. 

Whether you’re an already-established business or are just starting out, we at Akby have curated digital marketing solutions for you. By sharing your vision with us, we can get you noticed the right way. 

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