Offline/Print Marketing Collaterals – Brochures & Flyers

While most businesses have increased the attention they give to digital marketing and budgets have shifted to this direction so much so that companies spend increases yearly by more than 40%, some may assume that offline marketing is no longer on any marketing priority list. While there could be a case made for that, it is still safe to say that there are still obvious benefits of using print collaterals such as brochures and flyers. We will try to list them in this post:

  • Brochures, flyers and other print collaterals can hold a lot of information in a relatively small area. However, it’s important to contain your information into an easy-to-read format. This is why infographics, bullet points, dialogue boxes and other such graphics are recommended for these marketing tools. Don’t stuff your brochure with a lot of unformatted text.


  • Print collaterals can be highly effective if distributed in the right places. Brand related events, such as trade shows or conferences, are some of the best venues where you can advertise your message with brochures and flyers. Also, if your business caters to a very specific area or niche, it’s easy to distribute these materials in that area. For example, relatively small neighbourhood supermarkets and grocery stores commonly advertise the products they have on sale by publishing a brochure they distribute in the mailboxes around their area.


  • Small print collaterals can be very budget friendly. Now, there are two situations when that can happen. The first one is when you print several copies of the same brochure (usually at least a few hundred). Printing companies can then cost effectively print your material offset, instead of digital. Offset printing can be incredibly cheap when calculated per one copy. When you think about offset printing, imagine those big machines in the basement of important newspapers, with printing patterns and cylinders that roll out the paper. Offset printing requires to prepare a series of such patterns and it is not worth it for printing companies to do it for less than a few hundred copies. The second one is when you print fewer copies of an informative material that you can have in your offices or waiting lobbies. In this scenarios, you wouldn’t be handing out brochures to take home, but your targeted audiences would be able to read the information while waiting


  • Printed materials such as brochures can help establish trust a bit further than the usual business cards, official website and social media page. An informative brochure, or even a user manual or a branded photo album can show customers that your business is serious, legit and interested to communicate with its’ publics using most of the available channels, not just a few


  • You can easily add promotions to your print materials by including detachable coupons to be used for later purchases. This is also a good ay to measure how effective these brochures can be


  • Creating a design is easy, with many websites out there offering free or subscription-based professionally looking templates where you can just fill in your details


But if you really want to make a lasting impression on your audiences, with a 100% original design, edited by professionals, contact Akby Digital Marketing. We would be happy to provide you everything from concept, to design and execution, be it digital or offset printing.