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Our Guide to New Product Launches: Utilizing Social Media

A product launch is a campaign designed to introduce new products and services a brand offers. One of the best ways to plan a product launch is through the use of social media, but the idea may seem daunting for some. Social media marketing, however, provides you with plenty of opportunities to make sales, attract new customers, and turn audiences into loyal customers. This guide walks you through the stages of product launches on social media, which can help you plan a successful launch on your own. Let’s start!

The Planning Stage

1 – Identify and analyze your audience

Before you begin planning, you must spend time researching and getting to know your industry even better. Understand and analyze your audience—what is their point of view? What content would be most beneficial to them, one that would influence them into leaning toward a buying decision? Once you have ideas, find out if these strategies have worked for others. 

2 – Define your goal

Planning a social media campaign means starting with the end in mind: key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals. To successfully launch a product, make sure that you define what success means. A clearly defined goal serves a sturdy blueprint for the rest of your campaign, enabling you to come up with sound strategies to achieve your goals.

3 – Which social media platform will you use?

With a clear understanding of your audience and a defined goal in mind, your next step should be choosing which social media channel will work best for you. The most popular ones are Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and you have all the liberty to choose every single one for maximum impact. Keep in mind, however, that each should be dealt with a different approach and strategy. Each platform has different audiences and functions, so you must tailor your campaign accordingly.

The Execution Stage

1 – Increase engagement and brand visibility with giveaways

If you’ve chosen Instagram, for instance, a giveaway is one of the best ways to interact with an audience. Based on statistics, one billion active users are on Instagram every month, which makes it a popular network for hosting giveaways. They’re quick and easy to set up, and your audiences will even be faster to respond. Social media sweepstakes are mostly comment-based, which encourages higher engagement. Remember: an increased engagement means more followers, and more followers lead to brand exposure, ultimately ensuring and solidifying brand awareness.

2 – Engage with interactive content

Based on research, online users rave about interactive content. There’s a reason that quizzes and surveys remain popular—they exude personality and entertainment. If you’re looking to launch a new product, interactive content is a great way to engage with your target audience. Some brands, for instance, promote through surveys. Have participants interact with your content by offering a raffle entry form to win your product or service. Don’t stop there—you can also provide discount codes for every participant, regardless if they won or not. You’re looking at a successful launching campaign right there!

The Takeaway

Launching a product can be nervewracking and intense, especially since you know the amount of risk it entails. It may or may not generate buzz, but the key to a successful campaign is always planning and utilizing social media.

Do you wish to make sure that your product launch gets the success it deserves? Get in touch with our team now, and plan your social media marketing with us!

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