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How to Use Promotional Products for Your Marketing Strategy

One excellent marketing strategy is through promotional products. However, promotional products can come across as cheesy or forced if not done properly. If you want to use promotional products for your marketing strategy, then follow the tips below to ensure that you utilize them in the best possible way.

1. Consider Your Target Audience’s Needs

Depending on what type of business you are in, you may have different target audiences. You will need to consider the needs of your target audience and create a promotional product that could help them out with their needs, even in the smallest way.

For example, if your business supplies medical supplies to dental clinics, you can give out pens or notepads as promotional products. These items can be used in their practice and will serve their function. That way, the client would feel like you are still thinking about their needs even in your promotional products.

2. Factor in Your Budget

While it is a form of marketing strategy, you do not want to spend an unnecessary amount for promotional products. Consider what budget you have for promotional products and think about what you can give away for that amount. For example, those with bigger budgets can give away flash drives, while those with smaller budgets can give away stationery for office use.

3. Avoid Flashy Designs

No matter how useful your promotional product is, your client may not enjoy using it if you have a very flashy design. Try to keep your design minimal and simple without pushing your brand too hard. You can include your logo or business name but make sure that it does not come off too strong. 

4. Change Your Promotional Products Around

If you plan to give promotional products regularly, you can change them up every now and then. You can give some “limited edition” types of products that will only be given for a limited amount of time. What some businesses do is assign some milestones to their promotional products. For example, if a customer has purchased a certain amount of products from your business, they get this limited edition promotional product that not everyone gets.

5. Offer Other Rewards

Aside from giving out the promotional item, you can offer your client some other discount to get with it. For example, you can give them a one-time use, 5% off coupon, or something similar to that. This way, they can associate the promotional product with a positive reward, as well as see it as kindness from your end.

Are Promotional Products Effective?

This form of marketing strategy is a very good way to build your business. Even if your clients do not need an item in their office, they will still see it as a thoughtful gift. A gift with an item they will actually use will have a bigger effect on them,and they will remember your brand.


Promotional products are a great form of marketing strategy, but you need to do it right. If you want to use promotional products to your advantage, follow the tips we’ve mentioned. The key is to understand your target audience so the promotional products that you give out can help them in some way.

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