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Social Media Marketing: How LinkedIn’s Ad Transparency Affects Your Posts

LinkedIn is an incredibly popular business and employment-oriented online service that is widely used all across the globe. While its use and functionality are geared towards more business-minded goals, its fundamentals still make it a great social media platform, albeit with a professional twist.

As a social media platform, it connects employees and employers through the lens of professionalism and business. Its capability of bridging opportunities for both employers and employees give it the capability of attracting a wide audience, thus also making it a prime spot for recruitment and marketing services.

LinkedIn’s Advertisements

Social media marketers have been quick to jump on the opportunity, finding LinkedIn a prime front for their marketing strategies. The numerous advertisements running through it aren’t just limited to job openings and employer-related posts, as companies are quick to take advantage of the broad audience LinkedIn provides for both products and services alike. Aside from these, however, the advertising side of LinkedIn has also seen its share of political posts and the advertisements affecting it.

Political groups have sullied the walls of LinkedIn, utilizing it as a means to push their political campaign and promote propaganda through its network. The social media platform has had to remove several of these groups, even removing several accounts that have been reported as fake accounts linked to notable political groups around the world.

The Advertisement Transparency Feature

In order to combat the rise of political propaganda and maintain its policy of maintaining a neutral in politics, LinkedIn has created a feature that can allow you to monitor ad content running through the platform—aptly named the Ad Transparency Feature. It offers insights regarding the advertising of a specific company within the platform for the past six months.

The move was geared towards banning all political ads from the platform, especially after the sudden spike in political movement and unrest some time back. The feature was rolled out a year ago, not only squashing the political campaigns and propaganda roaming around its contents, but also providing members the capability to inspect all sponsored content.

What this feature means for marketers

While formerly, LinkedIn was just another platform for social media marketers to exploit, the added functionality of Ad Transparency has given them another unique advantage to play with. By utilizing this tool, marketers can glimpse into a particular company’s full listing of ads, giving them an idea of the strategies being implemented to target their audience. When used on a competitor, it allows them to view their marketing strategy as a whole, bump it with the competitor’s own, and utilize that information to re-organize a better campaign.

The overall effect isn’t limited to LinkedIn either, as social media marketing strategies are usually patterned all across social media platforms. This, in itself, is useful enough to be able to change how we view and plan our digital marketing strategies, increasing the efficacy and value of the social media marketer’s general role.


LinkedIn’s Ad transparency feature can change the marketing game entirely—allowing for a more in-depth translation and view of how social media strategies work across businesses. Through proper filtering and use of the data that it can provide, you can leverage the platform for your business, using it as an effective tool to power your own marketing strategies.

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