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3 Effective Tips and Tricks for Email Marketing

Emails are still relevant! Email marketing remains a reliable way to connect with customers and gain traction with potential leads in today’s digital landscape. With innovative email tactics, you can grow brand awareness, deliver targeted messages, and reach an already engaged audience!

Here are some of the best strategies to employ to up your email marketing game:

  • Write a Great Subject Line

No one wants to spend their time and effort writing interesting and helpful content just for it to be unread. Unfortunately, unread content is a very real problem in email marketing—only a tiny number get opened and read among the hundreds of billions of emails.

If you want your brand’s email to be one of the few that your target audience takes notice of, you have to work on your subject line! This one phrase is your golden opportunity—the right combination of words could hook your customer and get them to read your email.

The inbox is a battlefield where only the email with the perfect subject line could win. Make sure to choose the right tone, length, and words to pique your customer’s interest and influence them to read what you have to say.

  • A/B Test your Email Campaigns

Any digital marketing effort requires data collection and analysis. To do this with your email campaign, you must perform A/B testing.

Testing is crucial for growth! In terms of email marketing, holding a controlled experiment through A/B testing allows you to figure out what works best on your consumers for your brand.

A/B testing involves sending one variation of your campaign to some of your subscribers and a different variation to another set of subscribers to work out which of the two garners the best results. 

With A/B testing, you could test everything, from the open rate and bounce rate to the inbox placement rate and image placement. The more data you can analyze, the better—complex A/B testing will help you collect as much information to strategize and develop a more compelling email campaign. 

  • Segment Your Email Lists

It doesn’t matter if your email was crafted by a great content creation agency—if it doesn’t reach the right people, then your marketing efforts are as good as nothing! Aside from your content itself, cultivating an email recipient list is crucial.

Cold emailing doesn’t always work, as most recipients will only ignore your email or even delete it. Focus on a smaller group of carefully chosen people instead, so you’ll be sure that they’ll benefit and learn from your content.

To increase the chances of engagement, classify your clients and prospects based on where they are in the sales cycle and their personas for a more customized approach. Segmenting ensures that you send information relevant to your subscribers to increase the chances of your email being opened and read. 


One email can significantly impact your brand, provided that you follow the best practices and tips. As long as you follow our guide and collaborate with a reputable digital marketing agency, your email campaign can undoubtedly help your business grow and thrive!

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