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Tried & Tested Tips to Boost Your Social Media Strategy – What to Know

In today’s internet-driven world, engaging in social media marketing is a non-negotiable for businesses. According to studies, almost a third of online consumers utilize the internet to search for companies on the daily. If you think about it, not having a social media presence will only hurt your brand. You might lose out on potential customers due to low visibility online.

If you run a business, it’s important to take advantage of social media to widen your reach, attract more leads, and generate more revenue. But it’s not as easy as setting up multiple social media accounts, posting whatever you wish, and calling it a day. No, social media marketing involves more than just the bare minimum. If you want it to work to your advantage, you have to incorporate certain strategies to make sure your efforts reap benefits.

To help you out, outlined below are some strategies that you can implement to boost your business:

Diversify your content on all social media platforms

It’s almost effortless to share photos and videos on Instagram and bite-sized posts on Twitter. And if you’re an individual, that may fly, but if you’re a business, you need to do so much more. A surefire way of attracting attention online is posting a variety of content on various social media accounts. When planning your content, make sure that you include not only photos and videos, but also things like infographics, blog posts, and more. This is to ensure that your audience will maintain their interest in your accounts. If you post the same type of content over and over, they may get bored and hit that dreaded unfollow button. 

Share user-generated content

Consumers love it when they feel like they’re part of the conversation. It’s essential, then, to distribute user-generated content among your social media profiles to make your customers feel included and to give your followers a fresh perspective on your brand — a perspective from one of their own. In turn, you’ll generate more trust, build rapport with your audience, and forge a long-lasting relationship with your followers. A great way to encourage customers to share content is by asking them to share their experiences with your products or services on their own social media profiles. You can then select which ones represent your brand best, and then share it on your social media accounts.

Humanize your brand

It’s no secret that people respond strongly to other people. Consumers are less likely to engage with your brand if they feel like there’s no actual human behind the account. It will help if you interact with your followers as much as possible by way of comments and engagement, so they feel like they’re being listened to. If possible, you can also share photos of your team, add signatures on your posts, and incorporate your brand story in your content.

Use brand advocates

Want your customers to trust your brand more? Collaborate with the people who have shown great loyalty to your brand. They can serve as advocates and attract more people to buy your products or services. They can also help increase awareness for your brand and build trust in your business.

In Conclusion

Social media marketing requires continuous trial and error, but the methods listed above are time-tested tips that can propel your business to success. 

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