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Why Advertise on Facebook? – What to Know

Facebook currently has 1.62 billion active daily users worldwide, and Facebook stories have 300 million active users per day. Each spends an average of one hour and 15 minutes online surfing Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger every day. 

If there’s one social media platform you should consider in terms of advertising your business, it should be Facebook.

Given these numbers, there’s no question on how far your paid ads can reach on Facebook alone. Aside from that, here are more reasons Facebook is a good ad platform for your business.

1. A little goes a long way

On Facebook, you can spend as little as one dollar and get wider reach compared to other online advertising platforms. The key to maximizing your expenditures is being specific with your target. When it comes to influx traffic, there’s no need to worry about Facebook’s. 

On Facebook, you can define your target users based on their gender, age, location, and groups. You can identify specific interests, income brackets, and other demographics.

Cost-per-click on Facebook is also relatively cheap, but it still depends on the industry you’re in.

2. Facebook ads can convert to Facebook fans

When you run a Facebook Ad, you could customize it and run it with the “Like Your Page” or “Send a Message” or a lead to any site buttons.

A Facebook ad is beneficial if you start or already have a Facebook page for your business. That can convert ad viewers to page fans. When you have page fans, you can, later on, continue with the engagement with them. 

3. Ads can be creative and flexible

Now, you can use an image or a video as Facebook ads. An eye-catching image or an engaging video is a sure hit in targeting the attention of Facebook users. That may help convert your views into actual sales.

The effectivity of your ads will still depend on how you communicate your message and how well you know your market, but it is a great opportunity to maximize. 

You can target your audience who are aware of their needs and are currently on the buying process. Some ads can also reach your target audience early on in their buying process. 

4. It has its performance tracker and ROI

Facebook has a Facebook Adverts Manager feature that allows you to see the breakdown and reach of your Facebook ads. You can track the amount of time your ad was shown, the number of clicks it got, and the cost per click, like, or conversion. You can easily compare the current numbers to your actual goal. 

The Facebook Adverts Manager feature makes any ad campaigns easier to track. It helps you take complete control over your daily budget and allows you to have a say on the maximum cost-per-click you’re willing to spend.


If you’re considering taking your business’s paid advertising to the next level, Facebook is a good platform to start. Paid ads are one of the services we offer. We are a marketing and branding agency specializing in growing business. If you need more information or need help, contact us, and we’d be happy to assist you.

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