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Why Your Page Isn’t Ranking: 6 Issues and How to Fix Them

Several factors could be involved if you have created a great post, but it’s not showing up in search engine results. Maybe the issue is that Google doesn’t index your website, or something else is preventing your content from ranking. This article will cover six potential explanations for why your post isn’t appearing in the top search results.

1. Your Site or Page Is Not on Google

If you want to check if Google indexes your website, you can search for your website’s URL or domain name in Google. If you see a list of webpages related to your website, it means that Google knows about your site and has put some of your web pages in its index. You may have to take a closer look to determine if your site is performing well.

2. Your Content Is Not Indexed

A web page with a noindex tag means that Google will not add that page to its search engine index. This means that when people search for content related to that page, it will not appear in the search results. This is usually done intentionally so that pages not meant to be seen by the public will not appear in search results.

3. Your Site or Page Blocks Google with robots.txt

By telling Google not to index your content, you’re also telling it not to crawl your website. This can be done through the robots.txt file. If this file is set up to block robots, they will not be able to access your site. WordPress has an option called Search Engine Visibility that can stop crawlers from indexing your website. Uncheck this option to make your site available once more.

4. Your Site Has Technical Issues

If you want to rank in Google, your website must meet certain technical criteria. Load times, or how quickly your pages appear, are a priority. Also, security must remain intact. If you don’t appear in the search engine results, technical issues may be the cause. You may be utilizing plugins that don’t work together well, or your chosen theme may be preventing Google from finding your website. To make sure all the technical aspects are in order, use Yoast SEO. This will ensure that your site is functioning properly.

5. You Broke SEO Rules

If you don’t follow Google’s rules, you may be penalized. Trying to game the system with underhanded tactics like buying links or stuffing keywords into hidden text won’t help your rankings. Even if all other aspects of your website are top-notch, if you’re breaking Google’s rules, your page won’t appear in the search results.

6. You Don’t Have a Proper Internal Linking Structure

If your content isn’t appearing in the search results, it could be due to a flaw in your SEO plan. Don’t undervalue the importance of proper site organization—like internal linking—for your SEO strategy. When your website’s internal structure is well-defined, it allows Google to comprehend it better. Without a solid internal linking structure, the likelihood of achieving a higher rank is much lower, even if your content is well-crafted and optimized.


SEO is important to consider to get your web page to rank higher. These six main issues can cause your page to not rank well, including low-quality content, poor website design, low domain authority, lack of backlinks, low page speed, and lack of keyword optimization. By understanding and addressing each of these issues, you can improve your page ranking and ensure that more people see your page. With the right strategies, you can also increase your page’s visibility and rank higher on search engine results pages.

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