4 Mistakes to Avoid to Create Quality Graphic Design Pieces

While we can all appreciate excellent graphics and designs that businesses pump out to attract their audiences, not many understand how much work goes into them. If it were easy, everyone would be producing stunning graphics that capture people’s attention. However, the reality is that there are many poorly designed graphics out there that are not only unattractive but also destructive to a company’s reputation.

In most cases, these graphics are the result of mistakes that negatively affect quality. To ensure your graphics don’t end up like them, here are the graphic design mistakes you must avoid:

1. Implement too many colors

While many people appreciate amazing colors combined together to create attractive pictures, no one likes a poster filled with too many bold colors that detract from the overall message. This mistake makes the design harder to read, unclear, and distracting, characteristics you do not want on your design pieces.

To avoid this issue, do a little research on what colors you should use and pair with each other. You can research the use of primary and secondary colors to understand which ones go well with the others to achieve different looks.

 2. Choosing too many fonts

Choosing too many fonts is like choosing too many colors. It will get messy quickly. For readers, content filled with too many fonts can be incredibly hard to focus on. It can also make the graphic design feel amateur as opposed to professional.

To avoid this issue, limit yourself to one or three fonts maximum, depending on your design’s complexity. For instance, if you are creating something simple, a single font will suffice. For more complex designs, two or even three will be more than enough to look attractive without getting messy.

3. Including too much written content

You may be tempted to fit in as many messages as possible into your design. While you might be able to do this, it does not mean your audience will appreciate it. For instance, if they see a long paragraph of written content compacted into a small space, it will only look cluttered. 

In other words, the spacing between lines of text is essential. It helps the message be much easier to understand and make the overall viewing experience much more pleasurable.

4. Focusing on written content over visual content

Written content has its place, and so does visual content. However, focusing only on written content is a mistake you may be making. Remember, graphics are one of the first things that capture your audience’s attention, and if you are not creating visual content, you are missing out.

For that reason, remember to balance the use of written content and visual content. When done right, you can share more about your brand or message through your visual and written content, attracting your audience to learn more about you.


Avoid the above mistakes, and you will find yourself creating higher-quality content that will attract your audience and improve your business! That being said, if you are struggling to create incredible graphic designs for your business, do not hesitate to reach out to digital agencies out there with expertise in graphic design. They know precisely what will steal your audience’s attention. By working with them, you will soon find more customers arriving at your digital (and physical) doorsteps!

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