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Why Lockdown Is the Best Time to Build an Online Presence

This year has been full of surprises. 2020’s global pandemic has taken a toll on not only the medical community but also every other existing industry. Everyone is forced to stay indoors to prevent the spread of the virus. Sadly, the pandemic has not only taken the lives of people, but countless businesses have also permanently closed their doors because of the drastic change caused by COVID-19.  

It has become increasingly more difficult for businesses to stay afloat. It has also been a common challenge for companies everywhere to find solutions to remain open despite not getting enough profits. Although some companies have been using digital tools for years, others have only recently been forced to transition to online operations because of the pandemic. The good news is that there are solutions to help companies survive.   

What Is Digital Marketing?  

Most businesses have needed to click the pause button on operations. What is the best thing for business owners to do in the meantime? Since most companies have been forced to temporarily close their doors, and most potential customers are on the internet anyway, there is no better time than now for businesses to improve their digital marketing strategies.  

Digital marketing, also known as internet marketing, is a type of marketing that uses online-based strategies and tools to promote the products and services offered. Digital marketing uses cellphones, web pages, computers, and other forms of digital media.  

Boosting Digital Presence Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic  

COVID-19 has made people afraid to go out, but this does not mean that business owners cannot use this to their advantage. The internet has made everything available, seemingly at the click of a button. The key is to know how to boost the online presence of your business so that it can reach more potential customers and clients.   

How can you do this? Here are a few tips on how digital marketing can help businesses get more exposure online.   


SEO, or search engine optimization, is all about making a business more accessible online. The general idea of SEO is to use specific techniques that will help a business come out on the top of Google search results. SEO strategies are not known to provide instantaneous results, but they can do wonders for your online presence if they are implemented correctly.  

Build Yourself A Website  

Most big businesses have websites. Websites make it easier for customers to know what a company is offering, even if the rest of the world is on lockdown. Websites can provide information about your business as well as updates on how the pandemic may have affected your operations.   

Be Seen On Social Media  

It pays to have social media accounts. Many people get their news through social media channels, and your business can wield this to its advantage. If there are new products or services your business has to offer, using social media platforms is an excellent way to let your target market know about them!   

Building An Online Presence During Lockdown  

We all know how much of an adjustment the “new normal” is for everybody. However, not many people realize that this is the best time to build their online presence. Here is why:  

Many businesses have opted to change the way their businesses operate; some have transitioned from dine-in services to offering just takeout. Some other businesses have chosen to temporarily close to help flatten the COVID-19 curve. It is a great idea to make good use of this time to work on boosting your online presence.  

Having the right online presence will prepare your business for its re-opening and adjustment into the new normal. Keep in mind that this change does not have to be viewed negatively. Companies just have to know how to use digital marketing to make sure that they do not become another coronavirus casualty. 

If you do not know how to start building your online presence, send us a message today! We are a full-service digital marketing agency in Kansas. Let your business be seen today! 

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