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Distinguishing Digital Marketing from Digital Advertising

Are you trying to build an online presence for your company? You may be seeking the help of professionals but are confused with the terms “digital marketing” and “digital advertising.”

While they may sound like the same services, there are substantial differences between them. People use them interchangeably as some of their goals overlap, but the choice of which service you need will depend on your goals as a business.

This article will help you distinguish the two services and determine which one your company needs more.

Understanding Digital Marketing

Digital marketing comes in several other names, including brand marketing or eCommerce marketing. These terms refer to the marketing efforts taken to promote a business or service, product, or brand online. The process involves creating, planning, implementing, and measuring the results of a digital marketing campaign that targets a specific demographic.

Digital marketing can use several marketing channels such as email marketing, pay-per-click ads, social media, web development, and creative branding. This service has enormous scope and covers all the efforts to market your brand online.

Understanding Digital Advertising

In a way, digital advertising is a part of digital marketing, but it can also be offered separately outside of a digital marketing campaign. If digital marketing covers the creation of the entire marketing vision, digital advertising is the specific service that implements the advertising aspect of this plan to achieve measured results. 

Digital advertising can appear in various formats, including advertisements on social media platforms, advertisements in search engines such as google ads, and promotional emails to targeted consumer groups.

These digital ads can measure customer behavior, such as how long they viewed your ad, how many of them clicked, which ads they preferred, and other metrics. This makes digital advertising vital to any marketing strategy.

What Makes These Two Fundamentally Different?

While one is part of the other, digital marketing focuses on building customer relationships. This fleshes out your brand and allows your ads to become more targeted and personal. This service allows people to be attracted by your brand not only for the services you offer but also for your values and ethics as a company. 

In a way, this is a long-term solution to your marketing needs as it keeps your customers engaged with your company and makes them prefer you over other competitors.

Advertising is part of marketing, but it emphasizes capturing your audience’s attention. This can be done through disruptive ads, large pop-ups, and engaging audio or visual content. 

The typical digital ad only lasts for 15-30 seconds. This is enough time to deliver attractive information such as discounts, product descriptions, event dates, locations, and a clear call to action.

Ads will only work if you have an attractive feature that will draw your customers to choose you over your competitors. The customers are choosing you for your products or services without knowing your brand.


Digital advertising can be part of the entire digital marketing campaign or a standalone service used for short-term promotions. On the other hand, digital marketing offers a complete picture of your brand, which includes values and ethics, and explains the purpose of your business.

Both services are helpful, but your business requirements will determine which service you need more. A successful digital marketing strategy can only be achieved with the right blend of digital marketing and advertising.

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