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3 Reasons Why Graphic Design and Advertising Go Hand in Hand

Advertising is a critical component of running a successful business. You can keep existing customers coming back and build your new consumer audience by using the correct promotional strategies.

Graphic designers use color, typography, illustration, photography, animation, and various print and layout techniques to plan, evaluate, and develop visual solutions to communications challenges, with messages varied in print and electronic media. Graphic designers are in charge of producing the overall layout and production design of various publications such as magazines, newspapers, journals, corporate reports, and other publications. They operate in a variety of capacities within advertising.

Before producing a new design in advertising, graphic designers consider information such as the client’s needs, the desired message expressed through design, and the attraction to consumers or users. Meeting with customers, creative or art directors, and conducting their own research help graphic designers obtain knowledge pertinent to their work.

Graphic designers use this information to produce drawings or layouts, either by hand or with a computer, describing their design concept and incorporating components such as colors, music, artwork, photography, animation, typestyle, and other visual features. The graphic designer then selects the size and layout of the element to be displayed on the website or screen, creates graphs and charts from data to be published, and consults with copywriters on the text that will accompany the design. Completed designs are then offered for approval to customers or art/creative directors. When a project is sent to be published or printed, graphic designers engage with printers to help identify the best type of paper and ink for the job, finally examining the suggested final copy to rectify any flaws before publishing.

However, a marketing plan is just half the battle. You need a good visual design to lure the ordinary consumer in and make them want to use your business. Here are three reasons why excellent graphic design will improve the success of your advertising strategies.

1. Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is crucial in any business. Businesses need to become recognized, in a positive way, by the general public. Having a robust graphic design can allow your company to stand out from all others. A business with a recognizable graphic design can attract many new customers. 

2. Increase Sales

Graphic design can help your company generate more sales. The more appealing and eye-catching your graphic design is, the more new customers will be attracted. This can also help to increase your sales with existing customers. When customers see your eye-catching design, they will be more excited to come back again. 

3. Tell a Story

Graphic design can tell your company’s story. It can show your customers who you are and the message you want to share. This can help customers become more invested in your business, leading to more sales. 


Graphic design is a vital asset to any business. The more appealing and eye-catching your graphic design is, the more new customers will be attracted and the more sales you will see. 

Advertising and graphic design go hand in hand. This is why graphic design can help your advertising overall be more effective.

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