A Guide: 5 Ways How Custom Merchandise Can Help Your Brand

Today, businesses have been focusing more on adding value to their brands online. But have you ever thought of adding more value to your brand offline?

You have been busy ranking your website, paying for ads, boosting your posts on social media, and a lot of digital marketing strategies that you often lose sight of your actual physical business. To help add more value and market your brand offline, you can use custom merchandise.

Custom merchandise includes products such as T-shirts, socks, hoodies, bags, scarves, towels, mugs, bottles, notepads, and a lot more! These items are a great way for you to boost your brand’s offline visibility.

With custom merchandise, you are able to reach a wider audience without the hassle of long-term advertising campaigns. Here are several ways how custom merchandise can help create an impact on your brand:

1. Promote Your Brand

Even if you have read a lot of books or digital marketing articles, you can’t get it wrong with advertising. Promotions may be old school but they still work. 

You can give custom-made merchandise as promotional giveaways. That way, you make your clients happy and promote your business at the same time. It is a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

2. Help You Become More Cost-Effective

Custom merchandise is cost-effective. It is a lot cheaper than having banners printed or buying expensive digital advertising.

Custom merchandise is a great addition to your marketing plan. It is a lot more sustainable and a lot less expensive. The cost of creating custom merchandise is not as much as having a billboard or a billboard truck. If you want to create a lot of impact within a short period of time, custom merchandise is the best way to do it.

3. Increase Customer Loyalty 

Having and using custom merchandise is an extra bonus to your customers. It’s a great way to promote your brand to your loyal customers by giving a goody bag of your brand’s merchandise. Your customers are most likely to support your brand if they are given a souvenir.

For example, having a custom tote bag is an amazing way to entice your customers. They would surely use it every time they go to your store or just anywhere. Using the tote bag will remind them of your brand every time they see it. That is a perfect marketing strategy.

4. Increase Morale to Your Workspace

Your employees need to be motivated to work. A workspace with a lot of fun stuff in it motivates the employees to work harder. However, adding a lot of fun stuff may not be possible because of your limited budget. But with custom merchandise, it is a different story.

When you get custom merchandise, you can use it as a company’s souvenirs. Giving out souvenirs at the company’s events, trade shows, office parties, and other special occasions will really boost the employees’ morale.

5. Increase More Leads

Custom merchandise helps  gather leads from potential clients, customers, or even passersby. You can hand out custom merchandise to your potential clients who have visited your business for the first time. You can also have a giveaway for your current active clients on a special event, trade show, or during special occasions.


Custom merchandise is always a good way to boost your offline marketing strategy. If you want to add more value to your brand, you need to make it more visible offline just as much as online. This way, you get to create more brand awareness that can help you gain more customers in the long run. 

Akby is a full-service marketing agency that can help you promote your brand through custom merchandise. With these, you can effectively build brand awareness and customer loyalty while being cost-effective. Contact us today to get started!