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Print Advertising: Is It Still an Effective Method Today?

Is print marketing still a viable marketing tool today? While most digital marketers may be surprised by the answer, the strength of print is still indisputable.

Advertising spending has shifted to the digital realm because the Internet allows businesses to market their products and services at a low cost. However, online marketing still requires the complementary strength of print advertising.

Print advertising spending is expected to reach US$48.78 billion in 2022, with newspaper ads leading the market volume at US$34.41 billion, the majority of which will be generated in the United States, amounting to a staggering US$12.37 billion. As the numbers show, don’t ever throw the towel on print advertising because you will be missing a huge opportunity to reach a wider audience with your print ads.

Here are four reasons print advertising is still effective today:

1. Print Has a Higher Visibility and a More Targeted Demographic

The current push toward reliance on digital marketing has resulted in a digital space overrun with ads. However, with fewer businesses opting for print marketing, businesses that place ads in magazines and other print material can rise above the saturated market.

Even if you are a small business, you can use intelligent marketing by segmenting your consumer base by demographics and putting ads in publications they consume.

For example, if you are releasing a new cosmetics line, you can send an email campaign with a countdown timer for its launch. You can double up on with a print ad in the lifestyle section of a local newspaper or magazine. Print brochures as well and make them available in cosmetic stores in your target vicinity. 

When combined with highly targeted digital advertising, you can increase the number of possible touchpoints your customers have with your brand, raising their likelihood of conversion.

2. Reading Print Improves Attention and Recall

According to studies, visitors browse a page for about 15 seconds before moving on. That is a tiny window of opportunity to make a significant impact! When individuals are reading print, you have their attention for a longer period.

Experts also say that people read slower when reading text on paper than when reading a web page. Readers acquire superior rates of recall and retention while reading print versus digital.

3. Print Advertising Is the Most Effective Way to Build Trust

Most people know that there is a lot of bogus advertising online and that some of it can be very deceptive. Due to the questionable reputation of online commercials, print adverts continue to be the most reliable source of marketing information.

Print advertising is still more trustworthy than digital advertising. Obtrusive pop-up screens and floating ads never appear in print ads. Ads stay on the print page and pose no concern about sending you a virus.

So, the credibility you gain from using print advertising for your products and services is the first step in gaining the trust you need to turn readers into buyers.

4. Readers Have a Unique Experience with Print

There’s something to be said about the advertising power of print. Print ads, according to experts, stimulate different areas of the brain than internet ads and require more emotional processing, which is key for memory and brand associations.

This means that people are likelier to remember advertisements they saw in print. People also subconsciously place a higher value on products and services they had seen advertised in print.

Reading a magazine stimulates multiple senses, making it a more memorable and vital experience than simply surfing digital content. These impressions enhance readers’ interactions with your ads, resulting in emotional connections and deeper recall of what they saw and read.


Print ads indeed have a major impact on converting prospects to consumers. Since nearly 80 percent of consumers respond to direct printed mail advertisements, it’s still a viable tool for marketing your products and services. You need to maximize its power.

The bottom line is that printed advertisements have a much greater influence on purchasing decisions than online ads. Take advantage of print advertising today, and see your business grow amid these challenging times.

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