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The 5Ds of Digital Marketing You Need to Know About

With around 4.66 billion people worldwide using the Internet, it’s not surprising that businesses consider digital marketing to be an essential key to their success. This number will only continue to grow as people do more things online, including studying, working, finding entertainment and information, and of course, shopping. 

This is why your business must tap the full potential of digital marketing, and to do so, you need to know and understand the 5Ds of online marketing. What are those 5Ds, and how can they be used to your advantage? Keep on reading to find out:

1st D: Digital Devices

Consumers today use many devices to go online, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, and even smart TVs. You need to ensure that you can connect, communicate, and engage with your target audience across all these devices, or you run the risk of getting left behind by your competitors. 

2nd D: Digital Platforms

If you are wondering where you can find your audience, the likely answer will be on social media! This is why you need to boost brand awareness on relevant social media platforms. You can do so by sharing info on your products or services, giving your audience some “behind the scenes,” offering promos, and engaging with your prospective customers. You can also use these platforms to get your audience to check out your website, where they can find out more about your business and your products. 

3rd D: Digital Technology

Technology continues to evolve, and your brand must keep up with the changes. As most people look forward to new technological innovations, utilizing them for your business will also capture your audience’s attention. Likewise, you can use digital technology to enhance your customers’ interactive experiences through your mobile app or on-screen advertisements in your physical store.

4th D: Digital Media

With the availability of digital devices, technology, and platforms, you can now use different media forms to reach your audience. Here are three main types of digital media:

  • Paid Media
  • Owned Media
  • Earned Media

Paid Media includes all marketing channels that you invest in to reach your target audience. Some paid media examples include search engine ads or SEM ads, display ads, social media advertising, podcast ads, and video ads. 

Owned Media, as the name implies, are media that your brand owns and has total control over. While you won’t pay a third party for this type of media, you will need a team of experienced digital marketers who can focus on maximizing the value and benefits your customers can get from your brand. Some examples include social media and email marketing, content marketing (blogging and vlogging), and more.

Earned media can be any content (it can even be just a mention) that comes from others that benefit your business. However, to get earned media, you must exert some effort. For instance, to obtain shares, comments, and likes, you need to develop relevant and shareable content that can significantly expand your reach, give you more credibility, and get customer trust. A few examples of earned media are reviews, reposts and shares on social media, and free media publicity. 

5th D: Digital Data

Digital data is made up of all the information about your existing and potential customers that you gather. You can use the data to entice them to make a purchase or even just to see what else you have to offer. Of course, the information you’ll get is limited to those that are publicly shared or shared by your customers. Make good use of these data to understand their shopping behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns, so you can tailor your marketing approach to what will appeal to your customers. 


The success of your digital marketing strategies largely depends on your knowledge of the 5Ds discussed above. By mastering and utilizing them, you can achieve any marketing goal you set for your business and ensure that you remain on top of your game in today’s competitive arena of online marketing. Of course, you can choose to work with experienced digital marketers who have a complete understanding of the 5Ds and everything there is to know about taking your online business where you want it to go!

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