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Debunking 3 Common Misconceptions About SEO: What to Know

In today’s digital world, there’s no doubt that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in determining your digital marketing strategies’ success. Some may even say that its importance is at that point where it can make or break them. 

If you’ve been running and building your business for a while now, you’re likely familiar with how critical it is to use SEO in a digital marketing strategy for a better shot at success. Although the digital marketing world itself is run by the presence (and even absence) of certain trends that come and go, the reality is that search engine work’s power and influence are absolute. 

Debunking common myths that you may come across

The biggest flaw with Search Engine Optimization—as powerful as it can be—is that it’s swarmed with lots of myths that can seriously skew the way businesses approach it and gain results—including yours. Thankfully, you won’t need to put your shots at eventual success at stake because we will debunk three common misconceptions about SEO below: 

1. “It is no longer relevant (and it will die down in the future)”

As opposed to other digital media marketing strategy components that work hard to grab user attention, the practice in question places your presence where you need it to be and where your customers want to see it. This specific ingrained mechanism (and the expected result) is also why it’s so successful and guaranteed to remain relevant! 

Over the years, SEO has provided the solution that digital marketers seek for their differentiation and targeting needs while outfitting their strategy with a competitive advantage that works. When used correctly, this strategy presents itself as a powerful tool that can supplement other facets of your cohesive digital marketing campaign to help them perform much better!

2. “Links now outweigh content on the SEO value chain”

Today, there exists a war between two schools of study in the ever-persistent pursuit for higher rankings: links and content.

The current prevalent school of thought that many shortcut-seekers and search engine marketers hold dear to their hearts is that links (and link-building efforts) outweigh content in terms of impact. Despite the undeniable importance of both factors, the truth of it all is that content edges just a little more. 

A concrete explanation as to why content creation is marginally more vital is that it helps fill in the entire picture and completes the customer journey, a critical step towards conversions. Even though you may not have the best link-building strategy, you can still make leaps and bounds in your SEO work by putting out quality content to help you organically rank! 

3. “When it comes to SEO work, you can only do everything on your own”

Not exactly––Thanks to the advent of the sharing and outsource economies, businesses now have the vital opportunity to reach the maximum potential of their search engine optimization strategies without being too hands-on. With expert assistance, such as with those at Akby, you’ll be able to navigate the nuances of search engine optimization and ensure top-quality results without cracking your brains or eating up much time! 


Although there is so much to gain when it comes to using Search Engine Optimization in a digital marketing strategy, there are also some things to be wary of, one of these being common myths. Through this guide’s help, you can stay as informed as possible when taking your SEO efforts and strategy to the next level without extending excessively yourself along the way!

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